Custom Molded Foam & Protective Packaging

Tempo Plastic Co., Inc., provides stock protective packaging for Wafers, glass and optics with static dissipative certification.
100s of stock boxes, (no mold cost) and modular molds for low cost customization.  We feature thin walls, smooth surfaces, foam densities. We mold precision floats, insulators and volume displacers meeting close tolerances. Our parts can be replacements for injection molded parts.  Custom packaging that is particulate free, semi-flexible, long life protection for archival storage, in-house handling, or for product shipping.  We also provide clean room - compatible, durable parts molded from copolymer foams, Test reports for liquid particle counts and organic analysis are posted.
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Custom Molded Foam
We specialize in intricate shapes, thin walls, smooth surfaces and close tolerances and complex designs in custom molded foam. Tempo Foam offers static dissipative certification, responsiveness and low cost molds using interchangeable mold inserts.

Protective Packaging - Wafer Boxes
Our protective packaging foam gently holds parts on edge for easy count verification. Good Packaging protection for ceramic, silicon, garnet, glass and exotic material substrates. Our packaging features thin walls, smooth surfaces and high foam densities for greater product protection during shipping and storage. Our protective packaging can be used in hundreds of different ways for hundreds of different applications. Custom protective packaging is also available for your product application.

Optical Fabrication Technology Centers

 American Precision Optics Manufacturing Association

Protective Packaging Foam -
Stock Protective Packaging - Tempo Foam carries over 100 types of  protective packaging trays and protective packaging foam, round and square wafer tray substrates and small components in numerous standard sizes.
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Low Cost Molds -
Single and multiple cavity molds are available. You can get fast delivery on a new project without investing too much, and add additional molding capacity later when project economics are certain. Rapid prototypes are available from custom machining or single cavity molds.

Custom Molded Foam -
Custom Molded Foam Products-
Foam Floats, DRY molding, Foam beads, Medical Devices, Foam Insulators, Protective product packaging, Volume displacers and much more!

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Sample Images

Lost Foam Casting -
Lost Foam Metalcasting -
Weldments and complex casting assemblies can be made using this near net shape casting process. Similar to lost wax investment casting, the process uses a single ceramic coat for process step reduction. This is a value added casting method, which reduces finish machining and increases foundry yield for overall project cost advantages.
Custom Molded Foam
Our custom foam molds are heated and cooled using Tempo’s unique mold circulation system derived from our molded cup technology.  This process yields a smooth, glossy surface finish, and semi-flexible molded parts.  It also allows molding of thin wall sections in your part geometry, we are currently in production on several jobs with wall sections under 2.5mm (.100”) thickness.
Clean Room Foam Trays -
Lab Testing Results meet clean room specifications -
Tempo Plastic Co, Inc, offers clean room foam trays that meet clean room specifications for clean room environments .Clean room compatible, Low off gassing, low liquid particle counts, Third party test reports available.
Ceramic Shell Casting -
Custom Molded Foam patterns offer the opportunity to produce large, near investment quality castings...

Engineer's Corner -
Molded undercuts, Snap-In hinge Clips, Helical thread twist lock...

How Foam Expands - 
Tempo is a sophisticated popcorn popper...

Robotic Handling Trays -
Material Handling Trays -

Tempo produces custom material handling trays that can be designed for robotic handling.
These custom material handling trays can be designed to the exact specifications that are needed for a specific application.

High Temperature Thin Wall Copolymers


What's New 2015
30 New stock wafer packs !!
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