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Sculpted Globe of Earth
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a new thermo-plastic with additives for composting

We gladly take recycling. Call toll free (800) 350-7711.

Also offered is the thermo-plastic regular grade polystyrene,
which can be re-melted and processed into new products.
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Our Capabilities
Modular Molds for low cost customization, Molded thin wall specialists
Protective packaging for wafers, glass and optics with static dissipative certification
Stock Items for Round Square and Rectangular Shapes

Test Kit Vial Packaging  Test Kit Vial Packaging  Test Kit Vial Packaging  

Vaccine Vial Stabilizers and Test Kits Available

Fast Turnaround Custom PETG
  • PETG is a common plastic sheet material
  • Heated and then drawn down over a mold shape
  • This kind of package used for many common items
  • Let us quote your fast response requirement
Small Insulated Shippers
  • Compact size for
    reduced shipping dimension
  • Ideal for samples
    with small Cold Ice pack
  • Tough surface to
    withstand shipping abuse
Slide Racks
  • Microscope glass slides
  • Alternative to ABS slide packs
  • Biology, genome research
  • Laboratory on a chip
  • Different shapes and sizes of slides
Vial Packages
  • Vaccine and reagent storage,
    removable reagents
  • Vial and bottle packages
  • Used in pharmaceutical and
    contact lens manufacturing
  • CDC special kits
  • Vaccine storage, blood samples
  • Therapeutic and diagnostic kits
  • Insulated for archiving,
    storage of bio samples
  • Shippers for glass shipping,
    transport and insulation
  • Organized for easy handling, labor savings
  • 100 vial tray, 12, 10, 4 pack for 5ml vials
Wafer Boxes and Trays
  • Archiving storage shipping shipper
  • Pieces of glass, round, square,
    rectangular, flat, curved, beveled
  • Manufacturers of glass for
    laser and microwave conditioning light
  • Mirrors windows prisms filters
  • May be used for ceramic wafers
  • Colored, red blue opaque translucent
  • Solar cells

Fiber Coil Management
  • Switching stations,
    jumper cable 3 meters or less
  • Safe storage of glass fiber cables,
    prevents damage to glass fibers
  • Manufacturers of jumper assemblies,
    connector assemblies
  • Bare fiber without connector
  • Very delicate and polished

Corner Protectors
  • Low cost custom solution
  • Protect glass corners
    in shipping and handling
  • make your own package
    for non standard sizes
50/50 Boxes
  • Easy access to edge of part
  • Allow glass to be removed
    touching only edges
Over 30 In-Stock
We take recycling

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About Tempo

Tempo Clients

Since 1960 Tempo has had the pleasure of providing foam solutions for several leading brands.

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Tempo's foam molded technology began in 1960 with cup production and has evolved to custom thin wall molding today.

Tempo developed a thin wall molding technique known as “DRY molding” beginning in August, 1960 with its first product, foam cups. Patents for this technique were granted in 1965. Tempo adapted DRY molding to numerous other products where good material fusion is achieved to accomplish a “No-Leak” quality standard. Tempo is one of the few remaining cup molders in the world to adapt cup molding techniques to serve modern high technology engineered applications.

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