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Ceramic wafers are valuable, they are used for substrates in microwave systems, among other uses.

They are also fragile. They cannot touch each other and must be packed in a soft material which does not transmit shock from handling which is typical of how packages are thrown around by shipping companies. Tempo provides shock absorbing protective boxes for multiple ceramic wafers.

Thin ribs separate each wafer inside its own compartment. Because of Tempo’s special fill technique and high density foam molding,, these little ribs are solid “septums” keeping the wafers safe inside a box that is minimum size for the density of wafers contained. See 60 g/l density conversion chart:

Lbs /Cubic foot   Grams/ Cubic inch   Grams / Liter   Grams /cm3
3.75 = 0.983 = 60 = 16.111

See Conversion Charts

By using the “modular mold” concept, Coorstek saved lots of cash by not having to buy molds for each of their various wafer sizes, such as 2” 3” 4” and 4.5” square. Coorstek also uses some of the other size boxes Tempo offers, many of these are no longer available from larger molders of “wafer boats.”

Technology Applied

To find out more about the technology Tempo used see the following links:
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