Dry Molding Process is ideal for thin wall molding (under 6mm thickness)

Thin Wall High Temp (104C) Copolymers

Thin Wall Molding conserves material costs and allows for close tolerance design

Tempo’s Open Architecture mold construction allows for molded undercuts and no-draft conditions where designs require.

Customers save significant mold costs as Tempo machinery accommodates single and double cavity molds for early production phases, with additional capacity added as needed.


PPO/EPS molded material is chemically resistant to virtually all aqueous media including dilute acids and alkalis.

PPO/EPS is resistant to water-miscible alcohols such as methanol, ethanol, i-propanol and also to silicone oils.

PPO/EPS has successfully tested for 30 days immersed in #1 Diesel (kerosene), it has limited resistance to paraffin oils, #2 Diesel and Vaseline. These substances may attack the surface of foamed materials after long-term contact and may cause deformation through shrinkage.

Download PDF to see a table showing resistance of GECET to the most common chemical substances.

Download Lab testing reports for GECET and Static Dissipative GECET.

Modular Construction

Ideal Molding Process

Tempo’s patented Dry Molding Process is ideal for thin wall molding (under 6mm thickness) for molded Coplymers like PPO/EPS and SAN/EPS.
Modular Construction

Heat Controls for Nice Surface Finish

Details on all four exterior walls require each side wall of the mold to retract. Heat controls for every mold segment allow adjustment for nice surface finish. 3mm wall thickness for interlocks on these mating duct sections. Copolymer samples on right, high density UL-94 EPS on left.
Modular Construction

Half the Weight

High temperature floats for Inspiron Respiratory bedside humidifier. Evaluation of foamed polycarbonate and NOREL™ showed excessive weight. Tempo provided GECET F-100 copolymer foam solution half the weight of the foamed injection resins.

These floats are sized 40.6mm x 22.8mm x 6.3mm (1.6” x .9” x .25”), with 5mm thick neck to fit into slide holder, (note orange valve attached to slide holder in photo).
Modular Construction

Cooler, Lighter

High temperature incubator lamp keeps assembly cooler (and lighter) with thin wall molded copolymer insulator.

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