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Clean Room Compatible Foam

Tempo Plastic Co, Inc, offers clean room foam trays that meet clean room specifications for clean room environments.

Static build-up can cause difficulty for many industries during the manufacturing process. Our clean room foam trays are made of anti-static foam, which does not attract dust. These clean room foam trays are made from an anti-static material that reduces electrostatic discharge. Our clean room foam trays feature thin walls, smooth surfaces and a high foam density, which makes it the perfect choice for precision manufacturing or laboratory work applications requiring clean room specifications.

Our clean room foam trays are Low off gasing, with low liquid particle counts. The absence of dimethicone indicates clean room compatibility. Third party test reports for EPS, SYNBRA Hi Temp and DYTHERM copolymers are available here.

Microstat Laboratories
KNF Corporation

LPC - Liquid Particle Count
ORG - Organic Analysis

What is a clean room?

A clean room is a controlled space in which airborne particulates, contaminants, and pollutants are carefully kept within strict limits that are specified by federal Standard 209 or international clean room specifications ( ISO specification 14644-1). These rooms are often used in the manufacturing of precision equipment to prevent the contamination of sensitive equipment or in laboratories to reduce biological contamination. The specifications of a clean room include acceptable amounts for particulate matter, such as dust, and also include non-particulate contaminants. The amount of contaminants is specified by the number of particles per cubic meter and by maximum particle size. Equipment such as clean room foam trays made of anti-static materials are used to prevent static build up that can attract dust particles.

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