Tempo Warranty

Tempo warrants that your mold investment goes directly into high quality, permanent molds. You have direct communication with us during mold development, an essential element for first molded articles that meet your expectations.

Our mold warranty reads on every quotation as follows:

"We agree to bear the expense of all mold repair and maintenance throughout the Mold Warranty period stated as: “ 800,000 quality parts.” At expiration of the Warranty Period, any required mold repair or maintenance will be charged at cost, with prior Customer approval, which shall not include repairs to ancillary items such as Fillers, Plumbing and other Mechanical Devices not integral to the mold."

Production Machinery

Starting in 1960 with high volume production of smooth-surfaced, thin-walled coffee cups, Tempo developed and patented its own production machinery. Customers with thin-walled or intricate, difficult to mold requirements now benefit from Tempo's experience.

Designed for reliable productivity and easy maintenance, Tempo's twenty five molding presses and four pre-expanders handle a wide variety of simultaneous molding jobs. Whether you need a high or low-volume production run, we have the capacity to meet your schedule.

Molding presses are mounted on a raised platform which delivers utilities from below to each molding machine. Each machine has separate heating and cooling valves which control how the installed mold is baked and cooled.

Co-Generation System Means Pollution Control

The hydrocarbon blowing agent pentane is used for expandable foams because it allows the raw material to have good shelf-life. Pentane is a VOC (volatile organic compound). It is a naturally occurring molecule but is a "precursor to ozone" which must be controlled for air pollution reasons.

Tempo developed a unique method of capturing pentane from the molding process. The overall goal was to reduce utility expenses while achieving air quality compliance. The EPS molding process uses utilities including steam, electricity and compressed air.

For clean manufacturing, Tempo captures the air within the building and pulls it into a turbine cogeneration system which generates electricity, steam and compressed air. Third party testing proved that Tempo meets air quality standards. This concept has wide application in other industries which have VOC emissions and need electricity and heat, such as bakeries.

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