Dry Molding and a unique process at Tempo

Dry Molding Process

Tempo’s unique DRY molding process uses “open architecture” mold design. This means that the mold is built around the customer’s part design and that the molded part designer is not constrained by conventional WET mold steamchests in which mold inserts are mounted. Molds can be designed to produce simple and also complex parts, with multiple retraction sections. Each mold section is heated and cooled under separate control.

Tempo can produce no-draft and undercut parts, using design techniques such as collapsible cores and “tulip” mold design in which mold surfaces retract like a tulip flower allowing molded detail in areas under what would conventionally be the parting line.

Durable Molds

Your molds are capable of withstanding the repetitive clamping pressures and heat reversals of many years, and Tempo warrants these molds to produce as outlined in the Warranty below. - Tempo offers molds created from solid aluminum plate. Tempo avoids the casting process offered by WET molding competitors. Competitor molds made from castings seldom have acceptable surface finish (Sample Images) for critical tolerances. Competitor molds made from castings also exhibit pitting, cracking and the need for weld repair, a source of stress and mold fatigue.

Dry molded expandable foams such as “expanded polystyrene” (EPS) and “expanded copolymers” (such as “BASF E-por polyethylene polystrene and “Synbra High Temp” polyphenylene oxide-polystyrene) are produced by a unique, patented, heat-conducted process. The process uses machinery and molds made in our shop that are specifically designed for reliable, long-term production of high quality, molded parts.

The process features accurate mold alignment for single or multiple cavity molds, calibrated raw material filling (your molded part density is quoted in a range of densities from 2.0 lb/ft3 up to 37lb/ft3), and precise temperature control during automatic and semi-automatic machine molding cycle.

Your finished molded parts will have the Following:

  1. Clean, dry, smooth surfaces on which your surface details stand out sharply;
  2. Solid material fusion for glossy smooth appearance; this results from steam jackets in the mold wall which provides even heating of the mold wall,
  3. Precise dimensions.
Tempo produces a variety of expanded densities each day for unique customer applications. The material is expanded in one of four “pre-expanders” which work like sophisticated popcorn poppers to expand the resin to the desired weight. You can see some of the lighter weights on the Density Conversion Chart.

See our Mold Warranty.

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