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Tempo Precision Molded Foam


Inches: 2.0" 1.75" x .5"
Metric: 50.8mm x 44.45mm x 12.7mm



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2.0" x 1.75" x .5"

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Product Overview

This 24 count box is Static Dissipative.  By using #102 FLAT LID, this box will hold parts 2.0” long x 1.75” wide x .50” thick.
By using deeper lids, you can hold taller parts.  Using #102D lid shown on the drawing, this box will hold parts up to 2.625” tall.  Using lid #201-01 allows parts up to 3.05”. Using lid #102 DD Lid allows parts up to 3.625” tall to be protected. A flat polyethylene pad can be used to take up space beneath the lid if your part doesn’t go all the way up.  This prevents parts from wiggling in their respective pocket.

Call for samples and assistance.
This box can be customized to hold your specific size.  See image #2 FOR EXAMPLES of customized boxes using the same exterior size. 
You only pay for the insert to customize the existing box.

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